Message Series on Key Bible Concepts (November 2015 through April 2016)

These are mp3 recordings of messages on Key Bible Concepts. The files are large and will take a few minutes to download, even with high speed Internet. Downloading these over a dial-up connection is not recommended.

We hope you are blessed by the messages!

Nate Luibrand, We beheld His glory, 11-1-2015

Jon Luibrand, The Holy One, 11-8-2015

Peter Daley, The Reality of Sin, 11-15-2015

John Harris, II Cor 5, 11-22-2015

Peter Daley, Justification by Faith, 11-29-2015

Nate Luibrand, Jesus Paid it All, 12-6-2015

Jeff Norberg, Salvation, 12-13-2015

Andrew Luibrand, The Incarnation, 12-20-2015

Christmas Program, 12-27-2015

Ed Ernst on Grace, 01-03-2016 (Handout)

Jon Luibrand on Faith, part 1, 01-10-2016, please be patient – the message starts at 1 minute, 45 seconds (Handout)

Jon Luibrand on Faith, part 2, 01-17-2016 (Handout)

Rick Norman on Sanctification, part 1, 01-24-2016 (Handout)

Rick Norman on Sanctification, part 2, 01-31-2016 (Handout)

John Harris on Mercy 02-07-2016 (Handout)

Nate Luibrand on Forgiveness 02-14-2016 (Handout)

Nate Luibrand on Forgiveness part 2 02-21-2016

Andrew Luibrand on Rewards 02-28-2016

Jon Luibrand on The Privilege of Prayer 2016 03 06 – Recording not available. Sorry! (Handout)

Peter Daley on Worship 03-13-2016 (Handout)

Nate Luibrand, Palm Sunday Message, 03-20-2016 (Handout)

John Harris on the Resurrection 03-27-2016 (Handout)

Jon Luibrand on Rightly Discerning The Word of Truth 04-03-2016 (Handout)

Charles Dresser on Repentance 04-10-2016 (Handout)