Message Series on Ezra (October 2016)

These are mp3 recordings of messages on Ezra, a book of the Old Testament. The files are large and will take a few minutes to download, even with high speed Internet. Downloading these over a dial-up connection is not recommended.

We hope you are blessed by the messages!

Ed Ernst on Ezra 1 and 2 10-02-2016 (Handout)

Jeff Norberg on Ezra 3 and 4 10-09-2016 (Handout)

Rick Norman on Ezra 5 and 6 10-16-2016

Peter Daley on Ezra 7 and 8 10-23-2016

John Harris on Ezra 9 and 10 10-30-2016 (Handout)

Missions report 11-06-2016.mp3